January 2018
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New site at Officer, Victoria!!

MelbourneDBTCentre is now also in Officer, 5 min from Berwick! If you are in the outer south east or regional south and east, this site has been set up just for you! info@melbournedbtcenre.com.au or ph - (03) 9530 9777

DBT for Substance Use!

Contact us via email - info@melbournedbtcenre.com.au or ph - (03) 9530 9777 to enroll

Employment! Psychologists

The Melbourne DBT Centre is seeking psychologists to join our growing team! Flexible hours, great colleagues, interesting work, a pleasant work place, DBT training are available. info@melbournedbtcentre.com.au, with 'Job Applicant' marked as the title.


The Melbourne DBT Centre is a specialist provider of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, also known as DBT.

DBT is a highly effective, researched, internationally recognised treatment for people with significant emotional and relationship difficulties.

At The Melbourne DBT Centre, we focus on providing therapy that has been shown to be effective by research findings, that we have found actually works for people. In addition to DBT, we provide specialist clinical psychological services and therapy for a range of problems.  Lastly, we have an Assessment and Diagnosis pathway, for people needing to clarify their diagnosis, that involves comprehensive psychological testing and diagnostic interviews, leading to a formal diagnosis and report.  The content of this web site focusses on DBT, however, you are welcome to make any other enquiries for psychological services with us from this site.

At the Melbourne DBT Centre, we provide:

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy programs
  • DBT Training for mental health professionals
  • Specialist DBT case consultation and supervision
  • Clinical psychology service and general therapy

What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy?

DBT is a 12 month treatment for people who have difficulty managing their emotions, relationships and choices. It involves attendance of a weekly 2.5 hour group with a maximum of 10 people, and 1 hour weekly individual sessions. DBT covers 4 modules teaching 4 sets of practical skills.  The modules teach a set of skills for managing emotions, relationships and choices.

DBT is a skills-based program.  The groups are like an educational class, with handouts and practice exercises. Groups do not involve participants discussing their personal history or issues, and are well structured. Individual sessions are also structured, and give time for participants to discuss privately how what they are learning in the group applies to their individual situation.

What type of people find DBT helpful?

Individuals with emotions that feel overwhelming and at times uncontrollable, people who find themselves doing impulsive things, or those who feel chaotic and have a feeling of not knowing who they are, all benefit greatly from DBT. Individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, people with self harm and suicidal behaviours, as well as other psychiatric conditions such as clinical depression, those suffering anxiety and mood disorders also benefit significantly from this treatment.

How do people get involved?

Contact us! You can refer yourself, or have a health professional refer you. If you are interested in participating in one of our programs, or would like to refer someone, contact us and we will send you more information.


To receive further information please send an email to the following address – info@melbournedbtcentre.com.au with a brief message and your contact details, including your phone or mobile number, or contact the Melbourne DBT Centre on (03) 9530 9777