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Our new, bigger premises are:
462 Neerim Rd, Murrumbeena VIC 3163

All the rest of our contact details remain the same.

DBT for Bulimia & Eating Problems

Following the newly published and researched protocol (2009), we will be offering a new DBT treatment program for these issues. Call or email us to find out more!

DBT for Teens

We are at last commencing our program for adolescents and their families in April 2011! Please call or email us immediately if you would like to know more or to book an intake appointment.

Employment! Psychologists

The Melbourne DBT Centre is seeking psychologists to join our growing team! Flexible hours, great colleagues, interesting work, a pleasant work place, and training are available. If you are interested, please contact us info@melbournedbtcentre.com.au, with 'Job Applicant' marked as the title.

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DBT For Teens

About the DBT for Teens Program

In 2007, Miller, Rathus and Linehan published a new DBT treatment manual, especially designed to provide help to adolescents and their families with difficult behaviours and relationships.

This treatment model has been conducted for many years, is researched, and has good outcomes.  Our program at the Melbourne DBT Centre closely adheres to this treatment program.

The teen and a carergiver both each attend weekly 1 hour Individual DBT therapy, and together attend a weekly 2 hour DBT Skills Groups with other families in the program.

The DBT Skills Groups are run like a class, with handouts, notes and homework exercises.

The DBT Individual Sessions focus on how you apply the skills you are learning in the group to your own situation.

In a nutshell, The DBT for Teens Program teaches skills and strategies for improving emotional regulation, impulsivity and relationships, that are helpful for both the teen and their caregiver.

The 5 Skills Modules covered are:

Core Mindfulness Module:

This teaches the foundation or ‘core’ skills of DBT, which are Mindfulness Skills.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Module:

This focuses on skills to manage oneself within relationships, as well as strategies to improve self respect and relate in ways that are effective

Emotion Regulation Module:

This module teaches strategies to change, regulate and cope with emotions, and helps in understanding emotions, and addresses areas that exacerbate difficult emotions

Distress Tolerance Module:

This section focuses on strategies to cope with situations without making things worse, and ways to manage distressing events and feelings.

Walking the Middle Path Module:

This is a special module developed for adolescents and their families.  It focuses on teaching the caregiver and teen ways to deal more effectively in their relationship with each other, and also a host of techniques for being more balanced in general.

The DBT for Teens Program is run along school term dates, with breaks.  It takes the school year to complete.

Participants are asked to commit to completing the full program over the year, as we know this is what works and will make the difference.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact us as soon as you can by phone or email and make an appointment to discuss intake into the program.

You do not need a GP or psychiatrist to refer you into the program.  You are welcome to contact us yourself directly and make an appointment.  Alternatively, your medical practitioner is welcome to refer you, or they contact us themselves for more information.

Call (03) 9530.9777 or email info@melbournedbtcentre.com.au